Forms & Registration

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Forms & Registration

Necessary forms are available at the Main Office or at the bottom of this page. All forms must be submitted prior to enrollment.

While we have never turned away a child, admission to the Center is determined by space availability. If ever an issue, priority is given to parents who currently have children attending our program(s).

Registration Fee(s), Contracts & Payments

Our registration fee is $50.00 per child, or $55.00 for two or more children. Registration fees are due upon initial enrollment, then every September 1 thereafter (Preschool & Child Care.)

Upon enrollment, you are asked to complete/sign a contract. The contract states you agree to pay for the days your child is scheduled to attend, and you agree with and will honor all the terms listed in the Policies & Guidelines Section of this brochure. Contracts can be changed or terminated with a 7- day written notice submitted to the Main Office.

Late Fees & Past Due Accounts

We will attempt to work with you if your account falls behind, however, if suitable arrangements on past due accounts cannot be made, the Center reserves the right to terminate contracts for non-payment.

The Center closes at 6:00 P.M. If you are running a little late, please call and make us aware. If you will be considerably late, please attempt an alternate pick-up arrangement. The Center reserves the right to charge a Late Pick-up Fee of $8/child for every 15 minutes you are late.

The Center reserves the right to accept or reject applications, as well as terminate a contract immediately, without notice or advance warning, in situations involving the safety of children and/or staff.


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