Our Facility

Our unique building sits on 11+ acres of land, offers a home-like feel, and the ability to provide each age group an appropriate and designated area for learning and playing.

We have a three level facility. The main level includes the nursery, and the classrooms for our One's, Two's, Three's and Four's. It also includes our kitchen and main offices. The Upper level houses our Mukwonago School District 4K classroom, staff areas, and one of the entrances to the church sanctuary. Our lower level serves our 4K Wrap Around Program, Before & After School Program, and in the summertime, our Summer Camp Programs. Most classrooms are one large room separated with dividers to create two rooms. 

In addition, we have a parent waiting area on the upper level, a full-service kitchen on the main level, there are in-classroom bathrooms from two-years and up, and an elevator for those unable to use the stairs.

Our outdoor play area covers 4+ acres and includes designated areas for each age group. We have 4 separate playgrounds for the following age groups: nursery, one and two year olds, three and four year olds, and then school agers. Play sets, sandboxes, and other outdoors toys are readily available. The outdoor play area is located behind the building in a safe, secure, and quite space, away from roads, traffic and parking lots.