Our Policies

Our Policies

Parking / Drop Off & Pick Up

The main parking lot is located next to National Ave., and provides convenient parking for dropping off and picking up your child.

We also ask you to never leave your car running while going inside, never pass a loading school bus, and do not let your children run unattended through the parking lot. Following these simple safety procedures will reduce the risk for accidents and injuries.

Security & Safety
Families enter/exit the Center through the monitored and locked main entry located off the main parking lot. Parents are given a security code which they enter into a key pad to unlock the door. A second entry, also with a key pad, is located around back under the canopy and enters into the lower level. Please never exit the building from any other door. Doing so could leave a door unlocked.

We ask that parents bring their child into the Center – Please do not drop them off outside.  We ask parents to walk their child to their classroom and alert the teacher of their arrival.

Emergency Contact information must be kept current. Please alert the office to any changes in your phone number (home, work, cell) email, mailing address, and alternate emergency contacts.

On your enrollment form, you can list the people allowed to pick up your child other than you. This list of people will also be used as alternate contacts in case we are unable to reach you in an emergency.
A signed and dated note, indicating the person's name and approximate pick-up time, is required for a child to be picked up by someone other than a parent. That person's ID will be checked, and we will not allow a child to leave with someone other than a parent without prior notification/permission from a parent.

The carrying or possession of any type of weapon, firearm or ammunition by any person other than a sworn law enforcement officer is strictly prohibited.

Absence Notification
If your child will be absent, please alert us with an email, phone call, or written note. The Center is required by the State of Wisconsin to contact parents/ guardians when their child is absent without notification. For children scheduled to arrive by bus but do not, we will contact the school, the bus company, and parents until the child is located.

Holidays and Inclement Weather Closings
The Center is closed for Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & the Friday after, as well as Christmas Eve Day through New Year's Day. Families are billed for Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving & the Friday after, plus one other floating holiday.

Variable Scheduling
We offer variable scheduling to help accommodate those families whose work schedule changes from week to week. A variable schedule is defined as any schedule which changes two or more times per month. In order to assure space within classrooms and adequate staffing, the following guidelines apply to variable schedules:

  • Your child must attend at least a minimum of two days per week
  • A written schedule must be turned into the office by Wednesday morning of the prior week
  • If a last minute change is required from an already submitted schedule, we will do our best to accommodate the change, if space allows
  • All variable scheduling is subject to space availability

Schedule Changes
We understand circumstances change, and you may need to temporarily or permanently change the days or number of days your child attends the Center. We try to accommodate changes, however, due to space and staffing concerns, the following Schedule Change guidelines apply:

  • With a 7-day written notice and if space allows, you may add days to your schedule. (Your account billing will increase based on number of days added.)
  • With a 7-day written notice and if space allows, you may switch your scheduled days
  • With a 7-day written notice, you may drop days from your schedule (Your account billing will decrease based on number of days dropped.)

We offer two weeks of "Vacation Allowance" per year (Sept 1st to Aug 31st) where we waive tuition costs while you're away on vacation. A written notice must be turned in at the office 7-days days prior to the vacation day. 

Parent Teacher Conferences
We schedule two Parent-Teacher conferences each year. These conferences will keep you informed of your child's development and their overall experience at the Center. They also promote solid communication between parents and the Center. If you have concerns/questions regarding your child at any time during the school year, please feel free to speak with your child's teacher or the Child Care Director immediately.

The Center notifies parents of any injury a child receives. We also notify you of any unusual marks which appear while your child is here. For minor injuries, we will wait until pick-up to make you aware. Parents are notified immediately of more serious injuries or any injury which requires medical treatment. In the case of a major medical emergency, we first call 911 and then notify parents.

We are required to report any suspicious injuries to local social services agencies. If your child has received any injury outside the Center or has any unusual marks on his/her body, please inform the staff.

We define discipline as helping a child learn to control inappropriate behavior, and use redirection to help them. 

Children are taught certain behaviors which may be acceptable at home or in a small setting are not acceptable in a group. Behaviors such as biting, scratching, hitting, kicking, etc. and actions which could endanger other children or the staff are taught to never be acceptable.

Health Information
We are required by the State of Wisconsin to have up to date immunization and health records on file for each child in our Center. Children under two are required to have a physical upon enrollment and every six months thereafter. Children over two need a physical upon enrollment and every two years thereafter. Immunization records need to be updated as your child grows. We ask parents to comply with these rules, as failure to do so could result in a fine and/or exclusion from the Center, which no one wants.

We adhere to the Health Department standards for identifying a child as sick:
A temperature of 101 degrees or more, has or may have a contagious disease, has diarrhea (we call parents after two loose stools and the third time, we send the child home.) A child may return from being sick after having been symptom free for 24 hours, or with a doctor's note. Further, if your child was exposed to a communicable disease, please inform the Child Care Director and your child's teachers immediately. Sharing this info is vital to the overall health of the facility.

If your child becomes sick while at the Center, we start basic care. The child's temperature is taken and we take care of any immediate needs. We place the child on a cot or in a crib in a quiet spot, away from others, but still within sight of a teacher. They are given a book or toy to occupy them while a parent is called to come take them home.

A Parent/Guardian MUST complete an "Authorization to Administer Medication Form" before we can store and administer any medication to a child, prescription OR over-the-counter. This form is available in the registration packet, at the front desk, and on our website. Further, all medications (prescription & over-the-counter) must be in their original bottle and properly labeled.

Nutritional Guidelines
Our on-site Cook/Kitchen prepares a daily nutritional breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. All of our meals are home-cooked and well-balanced. We encourage children to try new foods, however, children are never forced to eat any food.

Miscellaneous Items
The Center encourages parents to leave written messages for the Director, Office Staff and Teachers. Blank note forms are available at the Main Office counter. You can also contact us by email at director@vernonpres.org or by calling 262.662.4648. Voice mail messages can be left 24 hours a day.

Parents are asked to provide wipes, diapers and an extra set of clothing for each child they have. 

Balloons and peanut/peanut products are not allowed.

Bedding and cots are provided and washed at the Center.

The Center follows the Wisconsin Administrative Code Licensing Rules for Group Child Care Centers regarding pets and animals. Parents are made aware of any pet or animal in the building.