Summer Camp

Our annual Summer Camp is open to all children in our community for children 5 through 13 years old. You do not need to be enrolled in any of our other programs to take advantage of our wonderful Summer Camp. In order to participate in summer camp, your child will need to be 5 by the first day of camp. Children will be divided into groups based on age at the beginning of the summer nad stay in these groups throughout the program. They will also have plenty of opportunities to interact with children in other age groups.

Our Summer Camp Curriculum consists of 3 main pieces: Field Trips, Interest Clubs, and Themed Based activities. Children will have the opportunity to get out in the community and participate in a variety of activities outside of the center, including a weekly swim day. In addition to these outside opportunities, children will be given a chance to participate in a wide range of activities targeting varied interest areas and themes. Throughout our program, children will have the opportunity to choose activies and events that interest them.

Camp tuition is all-inclusive, including meals, field trip admissions, bus fees and a t-shirt. There are no additional costs.

An annual Summer Camp Field Trip Calendar is generated each year with dates and times listed for each field trip. Of course, it is possible some unforeseen circumstances or the weather could affect that schedule. If that occurs, notices are posted at the front desk and attempts are made to contact all parents.

Vacation Bible School

Each year, our regular Summer Camp Program is blended with our Vacation Bible School Camp. There is no extra charge if you choose to have your child attend this week. We teach a message common to all denominations, emphasizing the love of God and Jesus Christ and treating all people with respect. We do not teach the doctrine of any particular denomination.