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Our 4k

Our 4k program is offered through the Mukwonago Area School District. This has two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. This program is designed to get children kindergarten ready, by introducing more school like structure while promoting learning through play.  More information about 4K program can be found on the Mukwonago school district website.

Our wrap-around Care

Our wrap-around program extends what the children are learning in their 4K classroom. The goal of this program is to promote learning through play and building of the skills from 4K.


Our before and after school Program

Our before and after school children are bussed to and from Big Bend Elementary School. During this time the children are in a calm, fun environment that allows them to relax before and/or after a long day at school and participate in fun activities. The children are also provided time to finish any homework that they may have.

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