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Our Bumblebee Room

In the Bumblebee room the teachers continue to work on intellectual, physical and social emotional skills. Through these fun activities the children are able to gain valuable age appropriate skills. They promote more group activities, circle time, songs, print with pictures, and lots of imaginative play. They also continue to encourage potty training, allowing the children to continue to chose when the time is right. 

Our Roly Poly Room

The Roly Poly room begins to mirror a more structured setting as the children will enter 4K after this classroom. They continue to further the development of intellectual, physical and social skills through structured center activities, circle time, group activities, and free play. In this classroom the children are able to explore and problem solve more freely. Children will also sometimes attend off site fieldtrips, and occasionally the center will host “in-house” field trips where we bring the fun to us.

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